Tobago Heritage Festival 2017 Opening Ceremony

The Tobago Heritage Festival 2017, under the theme, “Bring Back D Ole Time Days- Len
Hand” has officially started. The Opening Ceremony took place on Friday 14 th July 2017 at the
Shaw Park Complex. Numerous patrons gathered to view the opening production of the Festival,
themed, “His-Tory, Her Imagination”. The story was represented through two characters, The
Tobago Woman, Belaforma and Anansi. Belaforma is grieving and angry at Tobago’s current
state. However, Anansi, the trickster and storyteller reminded her and the villagers that
Tobagonians have the strength, resourcefulness and resilience of the ancestors to bring the island
out of its dire situation.
The story compelled Tobagonians to return to the past stories of togetherness, sharing and
community to create rich stories of Tobago.

The production was directed by Jared Prima.