Tobago Carnival Kings, Queens and Individuals

The streets of Scarborough were transformed on Wednesday 22nd February 2016 as the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation and the Tobago Festivals Commission hosted the Kings, Queens and Individuals Competition 2017 in the capital city. Elaborate costumes paraded on Carrington Street to a packed, thrilled crowd. At the end of the evening, Stoute’s Next Generation led by Candace Chang-Sandy captured both the King and Queen of the Band titles for Carnival 2017. The Queen of the Band portrayed “Queen of Diamonds” whilst the King of the Band depicted “King of Spades”.
In the Individual Female Category, Oshun Mills took the first position in an elaborate representation of a hummingbird. Javon Thompson in “Mauvais Langue” was the male winner.

The results are as follows:

King of Bands
3rd- Patrick Winchester- Dragon God of Fire
2nd- Atonio Franklyn- Papa Bois
1st- Winston Chadband- King of Spades

Queen of Bands
3rd- Kelisha De Coteau- Neptunia Queen of Ocean
2nd- Afesha Moses Des Vignes- D Spirit of Carnival
1st- Candace Chang-Sandy- Queen of Diamonds

Male Individual Category
3rd- Rickson Riley- Santana
2nd- Ryan Birchwood- Fancy Sailor
1st- Javon Thompson- Mauvais Langue

Female Individual Category
3rd- Joelle Roberts- Carnival Show Girl
2nd- Shervonne Hartel-Smith- Lakaray
1st- Oshun Mills- Flight of the Hummingbird

Photos by Visual Styles.

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