Sea To Sea Marathon

Stopping the clock at two hours, forty three minutes and thirteen seconds (02:43:13.2), Kenyan long distance runner, Peters Nkaya won the full marathon at the Sea to Sea Marathon, which took place on May 22nd 2016. The race started in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve near Bloody Bay on the Caribbean Sea, proceeded through the forest to Roxborough, continued south along Windward Road, through picturesque villages to the capital Scarborough and on to the finish line in Lambeau Beach, Little Rockly Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Crossing the finish line in second position was Venezuelan Didimo Sanchez (02:46:29.0) and finishing third was Trinidad and Tobago’s Curtis Cox (02:52:56.5).  

       The Half Marathon, 10K and 5K were also on the same route and all ended at the same finish line at Lambeau Beach.

The results for the half marathon are as follows:

1st- Alexis Pena- Venezuela- 01:16:00.3

2nd- Lionel Dandrade- Guyana/Trinidad and Tobago- 01:20:36.0

3rd- Collin Pereira- Trinidad and Tobago- 01:21:55.1

The results for the 10k are as follows:

1st - Kenneth Rotich- Kenya- 00:31:16.1

2nd- Alexis Pena- Venezuela- 00:31:50.2

3rd- Lionel Dandrade- Guyana- 00:34:28.6

The results for the 5k are as follows:

1st – Iley Bruce- Trinidad and Tobago- 00:17:08.4

2nd- Matais Nero- Trinidad and Tobago- 00:17:29.8

3rd- Michael Pollydore- Trinidad and Tobago – 00:18:48.8


The Sea to Sea marathon took place on May 21st & 22nd 2016 and is certified by the International Association of Athletics Administration.


[Photos courtesy: Sea to Sea Marathon].