Annual Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, maternal bonds and the

influence of mothers in society. On Mother’s Day this year, eight hundred mothers in Tobago

were shown appreciation at the "Annual Mother's Day Appreciation and Recognition Event”

hosted by the Friends of Tracy Davidson- Celestine.

The mothers got the chance to sit back and enjoy performances by comedians

Peter Joseph, Knuts Landing, Princess Margaret and the Saint, gospel singer Positive, calypsonian Baron and Oscar Benjamin. That

was not all; the ladies also had the opportunity to win door prizes such as hairdos, sweet treats

and weekend getaways.

The Deputy Chief Secretary, Secretary of Tourism and Transportation and Area

Representative of Lanse Fourmi/Speyside/Charlotteville, Assemblyman Tracy Davidson-

Celestine stated that the event was indeed rewarding. She said, “Mothers, I salute you for your

contribution to this country and our communities. I salute you for your unwavering, dedication,

love and commitment in the raising of a child, which we know is no easy feat.”

The event is an annual one and next year, it is expected to be just as worthwhile.

(Photos courtesy: Visual Styles)